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Welcome to our site, where you can learn about the process and services of what we create. As a student run studio, we are thrilled to share the experience of filmmaking with our community as we venture into a dynamic landscape of production.


A Quick Thank You!

We have reached our fundraising goal!

From everyone here at the team at Easy Jay, thank you personally for your donations, big or small. You helped our team raise over $1,000 to create a film we hope you all can be proud of!

Your contributions do not go unnoticed. The donations you put into supporting the film have directly helped cover the cost of 75% of all equipment used during production and needed for post-production. A percentage of that also goes toward paying the actors and editors involved. Not to mention, additional funds will be donated toward an even more important cause, Mental Health America!

Since October, when we started this fundraiser, to now, this community has surpassed our expectations in the best way possible and continues to be the pushing force behind our project as a whole. Thank you, again, so much for your contributions to our film!

Without giving too much away, we have something planned to make your donations all the more worthwhile. A way of giving back to the community that has driven us this far and continues to drive us further in our journey. 🤗

Keep your eyes peeled for details on that in the coming months!

Lastly, and we cannot stress this enough, thank YOU! We here at Easy Jay would not be where we are today without the support of everyone who has given so generously to our cause. Whether it was $10 or $100, thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so grateful for your kindness and we will continue to strive for a product we hope you all can be proud of in the future.

From everyone on the team, with love,

Eric Ducos

Zachary Bowser

Julian Clark



The In-Between Hour

Watch the first teaser for Easy Jay Studios first film
"The In-Between Hour"
Click "Watch" below!


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