The Dream

The idea, constructed by a trio of high school seniors, was to disprove the notion that high-school students are not capable of curating real cinema. By creating an independent studio, this triad could now have an outlet to demonstrate their talents and express their passion in aspects of the cinema they may not typically have access to. Thus Easy Jay Studios was created and named from the first initials of each of its founders: Eric Ducos, Zachary Bowser, and Julian Clark.

So what’s the goal? 

Create a film. Formulate an idea, develop a plan, release a product that excites. 


Because creation is the passion of the artist. With an aspiring director, screenwriter and composer in one room, there’s plenty of leeway to waste talent or take action. This trio chose the latter. 

But why now?

Because why later? Hollywood isn’t releasing films at the moment. And because you learn through experience. There’s no better time than the present to build something remarkable. The world’s been put on halt, movies aren’t releasing because they can’t make money - but making money isn’t Easy Jay’s drive. Their drive comes from their passion and excitement for cinema that they wish to share with the rest of the world. 

What’s next for Easy Jay?

Easy Jay’s debut project is currently underway, and production is set to run into the fall.